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Adam Hitch
Hannah (Ann) Elgate
John Caldwell
(Abt 1683-1747)
Elgate Hitch
Elizabeth M. (Betty) Caldwell
(Abt 1710-1759/1761)
Capt. Robert Hitch
(Bef 1739-1781/1783)


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1. Sarah Ellegood

Capt. Robert Hitch

  • Born: Bef 1739, Somerset Co., MD
  • Marriage (1): Sarah Ellegood
  • Died: 06 Dec 1781-25 Nov 1783, Somerset Co., MD


On Sep 7 1769, Robert Hitch, with Josiah Polk and Francis Lank entered a triparte agreement. Francis Lank received the land under the name of Francis Lanceak, son of George Lanceak, from his grandfather Francis Lancake in his LWT. Josiah Polk got deed for land "Come By Chance" and "High Suffolk" from Francis Lank with Robert Hitch putting up the money. He paid 50 for 250 acres. (SoLR-E:49). Robert Hitch sold his rights to this land on Jul 7 1770 to Esme Bayly for 63. (SoLR-E-111) No metes and bounds given in either description.

On Feb 27 1773, "Robt Hitch" mentioned in will of James Scrogin with James Haynie. (MdTP-45:62). Between Jun 29 1773 and May 23 1775, Robert Hitch was listed as an appraiser, with Joshua Hitch, for the estate of Poll Dulaney valued at 133.14.2. (MdPrI Abstracts-1774/77). On Jan 20 1774, Robert Hitch got commission for being the Executor to the will of Eve Nicholls. (MdTP-45:285). On Apr 12 1774, Robert Hitch appeared in the records for the estate of Risdon Hitch as, "Risdon Hitch his admin bond in common form by Sarah Hitch, his adminx with Robert Hitch and Joshua Hitch her sureties in the sum of 30 sterlg dated 12th Apr 1774." (MdTP-45:319). This was confirmed in records for May 1 1774 as, Commissions "for Sarah Hitch & Robt Hitch admin. Joshua Hitch, Somerset County" "Robt Hitch exec Elgate Hitch, Somerset County" (MdTP-45:305). Between Aug 1 1774 and Jul 18 1775, Robert Hitch was listed as an appraiser, with Joshua Hitch, for the estate of Thomas Byrd valued at 156.5.4. (MdPrI Abstracts-1774/77). In 1775, Robert Hitch was listed as co-holder, with Joshua Hitch Sr., of pew #20 of the ________ church with annual rent of 8.5.0. (Presbyterian People in Wicomico, John Jacob, Jr., pg 66).

Robert Hitch kept an account with John Nelms' store in Salisbury, Maryland from 1775 to 1777 when he brought a balance of 11/11/2 from Ledger H in 1775 and charged linen, stamped cotton, trace ropes, cordage, thread and spring locks for a total of 8/1/3. He paid 8/3/1 in cash in 1775 and 12/15/0 in 1777. He also paid the balance of 8/5/3 in cash to the account of William Ellegood, Jr. in 1776. (Store Accounts of John Nelms of Salisbury, 1758-1787, John Jacob, Jr.)

In the "Journal and Correspondence of the Maryland Council of Safety; Aug 29 1775 to Jul 6 1776, Robert Hitch appears twice in respect to the American Revolution. The first is in a letter, dated Feb 9 1776, from Uriah Forrest and Robert Dashiell where they mentioned a Militia Company captained by George Wales who resigned his post. Robert Hitch was voted the new captain by the Company. This was confirmed on Apr 11 1776 when a commission appointed him Captain of a Militia Company in Somerset County belonging to the 1st Battalion of Maryland.

In 1776, he was listed as Capt. Robert Hitch in the store accounts of John Nelms in Salisbury, Maryland where he paid the balance of 8/5/3 in cash to the account of William Ellegood, Jr. On Nov 4 1776, he was listed as a Captain in charge of a company of "horse troops" for the 1st Battalion in Washington County, Maryland (Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War) Between Mar 11 1777 and Apr 10 1777, Robert Hitch was listed as an appraiser, with Joshua Hitch, for the estate of Joshua Morriss valued at 10.19.5. (MdPrI Abstracts-1774/77). He is listed in other Revolutionary War records when, in Apr 1777, "Lists of Blankets Received by the Board at Salisbury. Robert Hitch" was reported. (Calendar of Maryland State Papers, MdHR Commission No. 11, Executive Papers, Box VII, 72).

Robert Hitch was a witness, along with Venables and Handy, to the will of Ignatious Middleton written on Feb 10 1778 and probated Mar 21 1778. (SoW-1777/88:65). In Cattron (sic, Catherine)Byrd's will probated Dec 6 1781 (written Oct 24 1776), Robert Hitch was instructed to "hold property" until Byrd's grandchildren are "of age". (Ibid:157) On Nov 25 1783, Sarah Ellegood Hitch received a deed for land "Come By Chance" and "High Suffolk" from Esme Bayly totaling 100 acres for 0.5.0. (SoLR-G:441). This same record states that she is the daughter and heir-at-law of Robert Hitch, late of Somerset County, deceased. Beginning at a chestnut post thence S 60 perches, thence N65E 22 perches, thence S70E 45 perches, thence N70E 40 perches, thence S45E 40 perches, thence N75E 78 perches, thence N54-15W 55 perches, thence N1W 81 perches, thence a right line to beginning chestnut tree containing 100 acres.

On Aug 10 1784, the Somerset County Orphans Court records indicated "Orphan: Sarah Ellegood Hitch (of Robert), under age 14; appointed guardian: Sarah Hitch; sureties: William Handy and Hope Adams (SoOCP-1777/92:74). These last two records indicate that Robert Hitch had died in about 1783.

An administration of Robert Hitch's account was performed May 13 1791 and brought forward a balance from his inventory of 953.3.2 from Feb 26 1783. Payments to representatives of Joshua Hitch Jr., William Elgate Hitch, Betsy and Mary Hitch, William Handy, George Dashiell (County Lieutenant on Sep 23 1780), James Haynie (Sheriff), legacies allowed this accountant left by Elgate Hitch to William Hitch, legacies left by Elgate Hitch to Betty and Polly Hitch. Distribution to his widow this accountant 1/3 part and his daughter Sarah Ellegood Hitch. (SoAA-EB16:456)


It is assumed that Robert Hitch had attained age 21 by the time he completed the land transaction noted in 1769.


On Dec 6 1781, Robert Hitch is alive as evidenced by the Cattron Byrd will, but he had died by Nov 25 1783 when his daughter received deeds as his heir.

Robert married Sarah Ellegood, daughter of William Ellegood II and Mary Colbourne. (Sarah Ellegood was born in 1744 and died after 1820 in Somerset Co., MD.)

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