John? Cropper
Maj. Edmond Bowman
Margaret (?)
(Abt 1625-Bef 1662)
John Cropper
Garthaight (Gertrude) Bowman
(Abt 1650-)
Edmund Bowman Cropper
(Abt 1678-Bef 1753)


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1. Hannah (?)

Edmund Bowman Cropper

  • Born: Abt 1678, Accomack Co., VA
  • Marriage (1): Hannah (?)
  • Died: Bef 27 Mar 1753, Worcester Co., MD


This is probably the Edmund Cropper that is listed in Baltimore Hundred in the omerset Tax Lists from 1723-1740. He is simplay Edmund Cropper from 1723-1733 then becomes Edmund Sr. when Edmund Cropper of Nathaniel enters the scene as Edmund Jr.

This Edmund Cropper had tract "Moiety of Royal Oak" surveyed for him on Nov 15 1705 in Somerset Co., MD (later Worcester) and was granted patent for 275a on May 28 1717. He also had the tract "Littleworth" surveyed for him on Jun 13 1725 n Somerset Co., MD (later Worcester) - he received a patent on Nov 21 1728. (SoCert:1474) On Jan 5 1731/2, Edmund Cropper purchased the 450a tract "Wellbeck" from William Turville, son of Elizabeth Whaley (as Wale) who had married William Turville Sr. (SoLR-AZ:18). On the same day, he purchased the 53a tract "Tompkins Meadow" from Turville. (Ibid) On the same day, he bought 350a of "Neighbourhood" from William Turville Sr., land that Turville had purchased from Stephen Walton (Ibid:15). On Mar 20 1731/2 Edmond Cropper et ux. Hannah Cropper sold land in "Cripplegate" ("Royal Oak") to William Turville, Jr. (Ibid:14)

On Aug 16 1704, Edmund Cropper purchased 140a of "Eagle Point" from Martin Kennett, the "plantation where Malachi Glass formerly lived", for 3700 lbs of tobacco. (SoLR-GH:92) He and wife Hannah sold this same land to Thomas Goddard on Mar 18 1732 (Ibid-MF:154).

In the June court of 1725, there was a interesting case involving many locals trying to determine the bounds of Edmund Cropper's Lands "Neighborhood,", Wellbeck," and Tompkins Meadow.: " W.m Waltom & Edmond Crappar Commission and Depositions Somersett County fs: Charles absolute Lord and proprietary of the provinces of maryland and avalon Lord Baron of Baltemore &c To Robert Martin, John Miller, Richard Hudson & Ephraim Heather all of Somersett County Gent Greeting Know ye that we have appointed you or any three or two of you to be our Commissioners to Examine Evidences on Behalf of a Certain William Waltom and Edmond Crapper both of the County afd Gent in Relation to the Bounds of three Tracts of Land Lying in the County afd the One Called Neighbourhood the Other Welback and the third Called Tomkins Meadow. We Therefore Regnize you or any three or two of you that at som Time and Place as to you or any three or two of you shall seem Convenient you meet on the afd Three Tracts of Land Named as afd and there Cause to Come Before you or any three or two of you all such Evidences as shall be to you or any three or two of you Nominated by the said Complainant or Defendants if anyand That you Examine Them upon Their Corporall oaths to be by you or any three or two of you administred on the Holy Evangelist of almighty God in the Presence of the Complainants afd (and Deft if any) Touching the Truth or remembrance of Their Knowledge or anything that may relate to the Cause afd and That Reduceing the severall Depositions into waiteing you send the same together with this Our Commission under your or any Three or two of your Hands to us to Our County Court of Somersett with all Convenient speed Wittness Samuel Hopkins Gent Chief Justice of Our Said Court the 20th day of march in the Ninth year of Our Dominion &c Ann Dom 1724 (p Order) Thomas Hayward Cler
In Pursuant of a Commission Directed to Robert Martin, John Miller, Ephraim Heather and Richard Hudson, or any two or three of them to Examine Evidences In relation to the Bounds of three Tracts or Percells of Land Lying in the County afd the one Called Neighbourhood the other Welbeck and the Third Called Tomkins Meadow In the Tennor and Possession of Edward Crapper, and William Waltom, we the Subscribers Have mett on the Said Lands this third day of June Ann Dom 1725 first Being Quallified or Sworn Before One Justice of the Peace do Proceed to the Examination of Evidences as followeth: Thomas Boaden aged Thirty five years or their abouts Being Sworn on the Holy Evangelist of almighty God saith he heard his father say John Boaden say he Lived with William Tomkins and saw the Pattent and Bounder of his Land Called Welbeck and that his Bounder stood on a Point of Land Below an Old Orchard East North East ^Thirty^ being four Perches to a Certain Creek Called Roah Creek and Two hundred Thirty and Two paces along the Marsh side to the East Corner of an New Orchard and That in Process of Time Their would Be difference about it for It was the Bounder of Three Tracts of Land and That it was Gone and where it stood was Marsh and further saith Not. ---- Thomas Mumford a Convict aged fifty years or Their abouts Being sworn saith when he was about fourteen years of Age he Lived with William Tomkin and saw a marked white Oak which stood on the Point of Land afd in the Place afd There or thereabouts and That he was Tould by William Tomkin the afd Marked Tree was a Corner Tree Between the afd Tomkins and William Waltom and further saith Not. ---- Nathaniel Crapper aged forty years or their abouts Being sworn saith That on a Certain Time he was Rideing in Company with Captain William Fassiatt Near Edmond Crappers and he was Blameing him the said Edmond for not setting his Bounder for he Knew ^best^ where it stood and that his Begining or first Bounder stood on a Point Below the Ould Orchard afd and further sath Not. ---- Steven Walton aged 44 years or their abouts Being sworn saith He Got the afd John Boaden to shew him the first Bounder of the afd Tract of Land and he Brought him to a point of Land Below the Ould Orchard afd and shewed him an Ould stump and Tree Lying by it and said that he Thought That was the Bounder of the Tract Called Neighbourhood and further saith Not. ---- Joseph Miller aged 25 years or their abouts Being sworn saith he heard Cap.t Fassitt say the Bounder of Edmond Crapper's Land Called Welbeck stood on a Point of Land Below the ould Orchard afd and That he Thought his Line
would run Near his Gardin and Further Saith Not. ---- Richard Holland aged 41 years or there abouts Being Sworn saith that at the first Sandy Bank to the Southward of Baltemore Town &c the South End of a Small Hammock
and about Twenty Two Paces from a Small White Oak slipt and Towards the Bay he saw a Small White Oak Marked of Two sides which he was Told was a Line Tree of the Tract of Land Called Neighbourhood and further Saith Not. ---- Steven Waltom Aged 44 Years Or there abouts Being Sworn saith that at the Place afd he saw the afd Tree and hath seen and Heard it Rowned to be a Line Tree of the afd Tract Called Neighbourhood and he Saw the Line run and It agreed with the Other Bounder of the afd Tract to Be the Third Bounder and further Saith Not. ---- John Holland aged 30 years or their abouts Being sworn saith he Came to the Place afd with William Walton, John Walton, ^&^ Wrixham Whitte In Order to Devide the sd Tract of Land and They Begin at the afd Tree for the Third Bounder and further Saith Not.---- The above Depossission and Examination Taken the day above sd by us as Wittness Our Hands and Seals. ----- Ephraim Heather (seal); John Miller (seal) " (SoJ-1725/27:37-39).

Edmund Cropper wrote his will on Feb 26 1747/8 and it was proven in Worcester Co., MD on Mar 27 1753:
_To my granddaugher Rhoda Hopkins, land on which I now dwell with houses, orchards, pasturages and marshes known as "Wellbeck" containing 450a and also "Tamkins Meadow" containing 53a and the high land and marshes which William Turvill bought of Stephen Walton lying on the W- or SW-side of a small creek formerly known as Little Point Creek to her and her heirs lawfully begotten - if no issue, then this all to fall to Edmund Cropper, son of Nathaniel Cropper
- To Rhoda Hopkins also, 100a called "Little Worth" and 200a of cyress swamp known as "Freemans Neglect" - if she has no issue, then the 100a to nephew Nathaniel Cropper and the 200a to my brother Nathaniel Cropper and his sons
- Also to Rhoda Hopkins, four negroes, Southy, George, Amy and Will and 2/3rds of my moveable estate, beloved wife Hanna during her widowhood
- Give 5 pounds to the Elders of Buckingham congregation for repairing the said house as they see convenient
- well beloved wife Hanna Cropper to be executrix
Witnesses John Ake, Solomon Cropper, Anna Richardson (WoW-1742/59:121)

Edmund married Hannah (?). (Hannah (?) was born about 1680 and died on 23 Apr 1761-03 Sep 1761 in Worcester Co., MD.)

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