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Wallace Evan Davies

  • Born: 17 Mar 1915


From "A Hitch Orchard": Wallace Evan Davies was born at 840 Napier Ave., Richmond Hill, L.I., NY. on a Wednesday at 1:30 AM. St.Patrick's Day. He was born on a Saint's day and is in direct descent from three saints, viz.; - St. Margaret of Scotland, St. Louis, King of France 1270 and St. Arnoul, a Frankish nobleman 611. He was baptized twice, once at home and once in the First Presbyterian Church of Richmond Hill, L.I.

Somewhat frail physically but very keen mentally, rating almost a genius at a very tender age in his knowledge of history, American, ancient and Bible. At the age of eight, he would surprise his elders who questioned him. At the age of sixteen was barely a quarter of an inch under six feet, very thin, blue eyes and light brown hair.


1920 - Age 5 years 2 months a psychological test. Rated with a mental age of 6 years 2 months. This place him above the average into the superior group.

1922 - Age 10 years 2 months. A Thorndike-McCall reading scale for understanding sentences. He was then in grade 5.

Report was grade 12b which is last half of last year in high school.

1926 -Age 10 years 11 months. A psychological test. Rated I.Q. 149 Terman -

90 to 110 is average child. 110 to 120 is superior child. 120 to 140 is very superior child. 140 or above is genius or near genius

1926 - Age 11 years 1 month. A Stanford Achievement Test - Form A Grades 4 - 8 rated as follows: -

Reading Scoreage16 - 9 Arithmetic16 - 10 Nature and Science14 - 3 History and Literature17 - 9 Language Use16 Dictation14 - 3 Educational Age16 - 3 (5 years above actual)

1931 - Age 16 years 7 months. - At Hempstead High School.


Elementary School

History for High School entrance - June 1925 age 10 - 3 88% Geography""" June 1926 age 11 - 3 75% Arithmetic"""Jan. 1927 age 11 - 10 81% English""" June 1927 age 12 - 3 85% Spelling""" June 1927 age 12 - 3 96% Silent Reading """ Jan. 1928 age 12 - 10 96% Writing""" 80% Civics"""June 1928 age 13 - 3 94%

High School

English I - Class 90%June 1929 age 14 - 3 Latin I - Class 94%June 1929 age 14 - 3 Algebra Elem. - Class 92%June 1929 age 14 - 3 90% Drawing I - Class 85%Jan. 1929 age 13- 10 Gen. Science - Class 92%June 1929 age 14 - 3 84%

English II - Class 90%June 1930 age 15 - 3 French I - Class 97%June 1930 age 15 - 3 Latin II - Class 92%June 1930 age 15 - 3 96% Prize 1st. Algebra Inter. - Class 90%Jan. 1930 age 14 - 10 98% Plane Geom. - Class 93%June 1930 age 15 - 3 80% Hist. Ancient - Class 96%June 1930 age 15 - 3 98% (Prize) English III - Class 95%June 1931 age 16 - 3 89% French II - Class 96%June 1931 age 16 - 3 97% Latin III - Class 95%June 1931 age 16 - 3 99% (Prize) Hist. Mod. - Class 93%Jan. 1931 age 15 - 10 93% Hist. Lit. - Class 97%June 1931 age 16 - 3 97% Journalism - Class 93%June 1931 age 16 - 3 93%

English IV - Class French IV - Class Latin IV - Class Hist. Anc. - Class Physics - Class *Plane Geo. - Class * Repeated to raise mark for possible scholarship.


Jan. 29, 1922 age 6 yrs. 10 mo.A New Testament for learning verses in Sunday School. Given by Sunday School teacher of First Presbyterian Church of Richmond Hill, L.I.

Nov. 9, 1924 age 9 yrs. 10 mo. First prize, a book, "The Story of our Constitution" by Eva March Tappan. Given by pastor of same church for knowledge of the Bible.

Oct. 1926 age 11 yrs. 7 mo.First prize for boys. - Two and one half dollar gold pieces given by local Society G.A.R., Ladies Auxiliary of Floral Park, L.I. for composition, "Abraham Lincoln".

Feb. 10, 1928 age 12 yrs. 11 mo.Movie tickets given by local newspaper, The Gateway, for a composition sent to one of their contests.

Feb. 1928 age 12 yrs. 11 mo.First prize. - "A Child's History of the World" given by the Eleanor Parke Lewis Society Children of the American Revolution of Floral Park, L.I. for a composition, "New York Under the Dutch". This was later printed in the Children of The American Revolution Magazine.

Apr. 6, 1929 age 14 yrs.Theater tickets given by the Evening World Kiddie Club for poem of his published in heir Korner Jan. 1929.

Sept. 17, 1929 age 14 yrs. 6 mo. Award for literary work. A picture given by Mrs. Herbert Frost, President, Eleanor Parke Lewis Soc. C.A.R., Floral Park, L.I.

Jan. 1930 age 14 yrs. 10 mo. Won first prize, sophomore division, for a contest on general knowledge given by the school paper, "The Patriot", award was to be a year's subscription to the paper.

1930 age 15 yrs. 6 mo. Movie tickets. Ten gw them. Second prize given by one of the local newspapers, "The Gateway", for an easy contest conducted by them.

Oct. 1930 age 15 yrs. 7 mo. First prize for Latin II (96%) during sophomore year. Was a five dollar gold piece given by Hempstead Chapter of Knights of Columbus.

Oct. 1930 age 15 yrs. 7 mo. First prize for Ancient History (98%) during sophomore year. Was a five dollar gold piece given by the History Club.

Nov. 1931 age 16 yrs. 8 mo. First prize for Latin III during sophomore year. Was a five dollar gold piece given by the Latin Club.

Nov. 1931 age 16 yrs 8 mo. First prize for highest grades in junior class. Was a five dollar gold piece given by the junior class.

Nov. 1931 age 16 yrs 8 mo. Patriot (school paper) award for greatest work during year given by the Patriot. Was a five dollar gold piece.


1926 age 11 yrs. President Washington Club of Boys. Membership was small at time.

1926 age 11 yrs. 3 mo. President Literary Circle organized by him and a little neighbor. Membership 6 boys.

1926-8 age 11 yrs. 6 mo. Historian and charter member of the Eleanor Parke Lewis Society Children of the American Revolution, Floral Park, L.I. His number 24601.

April 1928 age 13 yrs. On program of the National Convention of the Children of the American Revolution held at Washington, D.C.

1929-30 age 14 yrs. 6 mo. President, Eleanor Parke Lewis C.A.R.

1930-31 age 15 yrs. 6 mo. Registrar - Eleanor Parke Lewis C.A.R.

Oct. 1930 age 15 yrs. 6 mo. "Address of Welcome", New York State Convention C.A.R. held at Lido Beach, Long Island, NY.

For high school clubs see, HIGH SCHOOL.


April 1927 age 12. Joined the First Presbyterian Church at Jamaica, L.I., NY.


Freshman Class:-

Selected to act on nominating committee foe class officers. Received nomination for vice-president. Not elected. Came through with honors.

Sophomore Class:-

Creative writing class. History Club. Literary Club. Latin Club. First prize -gwistory A. - 98%. First prize - Latin II - 96%. Honor roll - #7 out of 40. 1800 in school.

Junior Class:-

History Club. Literary Club. Latin Club. French Club. Creative writing class for a time. Colonial Staff - the school year book - one of literary editors - a poem of his in book. (1931) Patriot Staff - The school paper - was make-up. Did much writing for paper. Elected as editor for 1931-32. On the Colonial Popularity Contest as, "Idiosyncratic." Honor roll #4 out of 40 about 1500 in school. #1 of the junior class. Honor roll #4 out of about 50, covering three years work in school. Counted four major subjects. First prize - Latin III (Cicero) 99%. Prize - Patriot Award (School paper). First Prize - Junior class.

Senior Class:-

Chosen as Editor-in-chief of the school paper, "The Patriot". Latin Club French Club. Chosen by faculty by virtue of high grades to try for a state scholarship. Selected to act on nominating committee for class officers. One of nominees for president of the French Club. Rejected because he already had too many points. Colonial Popularity Contest as "Most Alert".


Amused himself by trying to write poems, short stories and plays. June 1926 - age not yet 12 - two poems published in newspapers. June 1927 - age not yet 13 - St. Nicholas gave its highest honorable mention for a short story. 1928-31 - Member of a creative writing class in high school during freshman, sophomore and part of junior year. No special talent along this line. At various times has written newspaper items, accounts of club meetings etc., one of enough importance to be placed in an insert. On staff of high school paper during junior year as "Make-Up" and senior year as Editor-in-Chief. During junior year wrote many articles for this paper, as high as twelve in one issue. July 1928 age 13 yrs. 4 mo, - Short historical sketches published in The Children of the American Revolution Magazine. Articles written agegw2 yrs. 11 mo. Jan. 1929 - age 13 yrs 10 mo. A poem published in the Evening World Kidde Klub Korner. 1931 - age 15 yrs. 7 mo. A poem for Colonial popularity contest printed on posters in school. His junior year. 1931 - age 16 yrs. 3 mo. A poem published in the yearbook of the school, "The Colonial". 1932 Planning to enter Syracuse University.


The Actor:-I see the night Softly coming, Like a dark curtain Covering the stage, The stage of our emotions.

The Courtesans:-I see the night So richly velvet, Like an ebony showcase In which lies a sparkling diamond As Venus reposes suspended.

The Mother:-I see the night Covering all, Like a downy bed, A comfy bed of feathers Tucking us in.

The Pessimist:-I see the night Grim, forbidding, Like a fearful storm, A dark dismal rain, Casting out the light.

April 29, 1929 Age 14 yrs. 1 mo.Wallace Evan Davies.

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