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1. Mariah Hitch

Samuel Russell Grant

  • Born: Sep 1787, Fauquier Co., VA 1
  • Marriage (1): Mariah Hitch on 02 May 1811 in Arnolds Crossroad, Fauquier Co., VA 1 2
  • Died: 20 Sep 1861, Perry Co., OH 2


16. John Grant4 Sr. (John Grant3 Jr., John2 Grant, William1) was born March 11, 1756, and died Abt. 1826. He married ? Lacey.

Notes for John Grant Sr.:

The first information offered by the Grant-Samson history is "the enlistment of John Grant in the 11th Virginia Regiment as a soldier for three years, sometime in August, 1776. He served his time and was discharged. John Marshall was his Captain. Records on the U. S. Department of the Interior General Land Offices show that Virginia Land Warrant #1903 for 100 acres of land was issued to him. He assigned it to Dawson Burgess, who with two of his brothers fought for three years in the Revolutionary War and with warrants issued by the Government located in the Virginia Military District in Ohio, lying between Scioto and Miama Rivers." John Grant is listed in Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh's Revolutionary War Records (Volume 1). His voucher, number 1783, is signed by Captain John Marshall.

Hirschi quotes a "long paper" on the life of Daniel Grant written by Dick Heller that includes actions of Daniel and John Grant in the Revolutionary War. The paper notes "About 100 from Fauquier County, Va., answered Gov. Patrick Henry's call, and gathering, including 16 year-old Daniel Grant. The captain who called them together that day didn't show up but his second-in-command John Marshall, did. . . . Among the sharpshooters were Daniel and John Grant. They built such reputations as marksman that Col. Daniel Morgan, the next year, personally selected the brothers to join his Rangers."

The Grant-Samson history (~1939) notes "The List of Tithables are all kept in Richmond, Virginia" and "In the Archives of the Virginia State Library is a Fauquier County Tax list for 1810 which shows John Grant paid taxes on Samuel and William, who are listed as tithables." An 1814 Deed (Fauquier County, Virginia Deed Book 19) list John Grant, Sr. on page 142, John Grant, Jr. on page 150, and Samuel Grant on page 156 as a voters in the county in 1814 (Grant-Samson page183).

Supplemental information on John Grant Sr. in the Grant-Samson history (page 161) is evident and includes the following abbreviated examples.

(page 180) Note- "Fiery Run is a stream in the upper part of the county near Rattle Snake Mountain and near the Post Office named Hitch. Here is more evidence that the Hitch and the Grant families all lived in the same neighborhood and it may be noted that a John Grant married Martha Barbee Jan 20, 1806. Garner B Hitch married Mary Barbee Dec. 8, 1815, and a John Grant is named on the Bond. I am inclined to think these Barbee women were probably sisters. Garner Hitch was a brother of Mariah (Hitch) Grant. Barbee's Crossroads is also in that vicinity, Hitch and Barbee's Crossroads are about 6 1/2 miles apart."

Deed Book 25, page 449, between John Grant Sr., John Grant Jr., and Nimrod Barbee, acknowledged in Court on September 8, 1822. "This indenture made this 2nd day of August, 1821, between John Grant, Sr., of Fauquier Co, VA, of the lst part and Nimrod A. Barbee of the 2nd part and John Grant, Jr., of the county and state aforesaid of the 3rd part, witnesseth that whereas said John Grant, Sr. is justly indebted to the said John Grant, Jr., in the sum $550.00 due by note bearing date the 2nd of August, 1821, and payable after date within 18 months with legal interest thereon from the date of note and whereas the said John Grant. Sr.. is willing and desired to secure said debt of $ 550.00, now this Indenture witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of $ 1.00 to him paid by the said Nimrod A. Barbee his heirs, assigns, forever all the right, title, claim and interest in or any way pertaining thereunto to a certain tract or piece of land on which I now reside lying and being in the county and state aforesaid containing 92 acres (by lease) will all and singular the right, title, claim and interest of the said John Grant, Sr., then to have and to hold the said tract of lease land unto the said Nimrod A. Barbee, his heirs exetrs, admtrs, or assigns forever in Trust nevertheless and upon the condition that if the said John Grant, Sr., his heirs or assigns the amount of the said writing obligatory with the interest accruing thereon or before March 1, 1823, then this Indenture and everything herein contained to be void and of no effect. But if the aforesaid writing obligatory herein contained with the interest which may be due shall not be paid to the said John Grant, Jr., his heirs or assigns on or before Mar. 1, 1823, then the said Nimrod A. Barbee, his heirs, admstrs, etc, shall and may if required dispose of the aforesaid Tract of land or so much thereof as will be sufficient to satisfy the amount of the aforesaid writing obligatory and the interest that may be lawfully due thereon at public sale to the highest bidder at Arnold's Crossroads, previous notice being given of the time and place of sale 1 month at one or more public Places in the neighborhood and the proceeds of such sale, after paying the amount of expenses attending the execution of this trust, shall be applied by the said Nimrod A. Barbee and his heirs, etc., towards the discharge of said wri-ing obligatory and the interest that may be due thereon, and the surplus, if any, then to be paid to the said John Grant, Sr., his heirs, etc. In witness whereof the Parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and ?eals the day and year first written. Acknowledged in court on 8 Sep 1822 and admitted to same on 12 Sep 1822.

Deed Book 29, page 47, June 10, 1826. John Grant, Sr., of Fauquier Co, VA, the first part, Cam T. Page, same county, 2nd. part John Grant, Sr., in order to secure James Grant in the sum of $600.00 due by note 9th June, transfers land to Page. Land where said John Grant now resides - granted by Denny Fairfax to Manuel Lacy Sep 19, 1788, 92 acres of land at Fiery Run Mills, also farm articles. Hirschi also describes the transaction between Cam T. Page and John Grant.

The Grant-Samson history (page 21) states "He (John Grant) married______ Lacey. There is no positive proof of this but according to the deed mentioned above Manuel Lacey deeded land to John Grant upon which John Grant was living. Also, when Mary Grant married Manuel Lacey John Grant was on the bond. The two families were closely related for three generations, for Samuel Grant (John's son) gave Power of Attorney to Archilaus B. Lacey of Perry County Ohio, to collect money due him coming from the estate of his wife, Maria Hitch Grant, in Fauquier County , Va. This Archilaus B. Lacey went west with Samuel Grant." A suggestion in the supplemental material (page 167) is that John Grant may have married a Russell, given the appearance of Russell as a name through the next two generations.

The Grant-Samson history suggests the children of John Grant were John Jr. (married Martha Barbee), William, James H. (married Elizabeth Nelson October 21,1818), Samuel (married Mariah Hitch April 30, 1811) Jemima (married Thomas Freeman January 4, 1817) and probably more (perhaps Joseph and Issac). Ms. Effie Pattie notes (in the Grant-Samson history) that she met while working the Grant family a relative of James H. also researching Grant genealogy. The Grant-Samson history (supplemental information page 168) also lists a marriage of Anna Grant and Fealding Thompson (June 22, 1806) with John Grant on the bond. A similar list of children is provided by Minnis; John (born about 1784), Samuel Russell (born 1786), William (born about 1788), Anna (born about 1790), James H. (born about 1792), and Jemima (born about1795).

The Grant-Samson (page 19) history suggests the date of death is recorded in a bible owned by Mr. Wright, descendent of the Wright family, one of which married Rosamond, daughter of John Grant, son of William Grant.

Additional notes provided by Minnis on John Grant include: 1787 TAX: Fauquier Co, VA, List "B,", John Grant, 1B>16, 2B<16, 2 horses [Brøderbund Family Archive #313, Ed. 1, Census Index: U.S. Selected Counties, 1810, Date of Import: Aug 8, 1999], and 1820 CEN: Fauquier Co, VA, John Grant, Sr., M1x10-16, 1x45+; F2<10, 3x26-45, 1x45+; 3 agri; Slaves F1<14.

Children of John Sr. and ? Lacey are:

25 i. John Grant, born Abt. 1784. + 26 ii. Samuel Russell5 Grant, born September 17, 1786 in Fauquier County, Virginia; died September 28, 1861 in Perry County, Ohio. 27 iii. William Grant, born 1788. 28 iv. Anna Grant, born Abt. 1790. 29 v. James H. Grant, born 1792. 30 vi. Jemima Grant, born 1795.

26. Samuel Russell5 Grant (John Grant4 Sr., John Grant3 Jr., John2 Grant, William1) was born September 17, 1786 in Fauquier County, Virginia, and died September 28, 1861 in Perry County, Ohio. He married Mariah Hitch May 02, 1811, daughter of Nathum Hitch and Ann Burgess.

Notes for Samuel Russell Grant:

In Fauquier County Marriages, Book 3, page 162, it is recorded "Know all men by these presents that we, Samuel Russell Grant, and William Keyes, are held and firmly bound unto James Munroe Esq., Governor of Chief Magistrate of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars to which payment will and truly be made to the said Governor and his successors we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators jointly and severally, firmly by these presents; sealed with our seals and dated this 30th day of April, 1811.

Whereas there is a marriage shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Samuel Grant and Mariah Hitch, Ward of the above bound William Keyes. Now if there be no lawful cause to obstruct the said intended marriage then this obligation is to be void otherwise to remain in full force. Signed Samuel Grant and William Keyes in presence of B. Ward." The marriage took place about two miles from Arnold's Crossroads, later known as Barbee's Crossroads and now as Hume, Fauquier County, Virginia, and took place on May 1811 as marked on the tombstone (Grant-Samson page 20)

In 1813 (Fauquier County Deed Book 19-129, 25 December), it is recorded "Know all men by these presents that I, Samuel Grant of Fauquier Co, VA, am held and firmly bound with William Keyes of said county and state in the just and full sum of $2,000.00 to be paid unto the said Wm. Keyes, his heirs, etc., which payment well and truly to be made I bind myself, my heirs, etc., by these presents sealed with my seal this 25h day of Dec. 1813. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above Samuel Grant have bargained and sold unto the said Wm. Keyes a certain boundary of land being part of the lease whereon the Samuel Grant now resides being in the Manor of Leads and part of a lease of Fairfax for three lives which said parcel of land is bounded as by a survey lately made for the said Wm. Keyes by John Maddox and bounded as follows: Beginning at a Red Oak in the road near Thomas Barbee's and running with the road S49 1/2 W24 poles to a Chestnut and small Spanish Oak, thence S33 W24 poles to a Spanish Oak and Gun near a branch thence S82 W28 poles to a Stone Black Oak and a Spanish Oak comer to a dividing line between said Wm. Keyes and Samuel Grant thence S45 1/2 E67 poles to a stone in the lane, thence N34 E27 poles to a stone in said land, a stake, thence N20 E to the beginning, 15 a. to have and to hold the said 15 a. of land to the said Wm. Keyes, his heirs, etc. during the lives contained in the Lease made by Fairfax for the said land, for which the said Wm. Keyes have given to the said Samuel Grant for the said 15 a. of land $ 150.00, the receipt whereof are hereby acknowledged by said Samuel Grant. Now the condition of the said obligation is such that if the said Samuel Grant, his heirs, etc, shall forever warrant and defend to the said Wm. Keyes the 15 a. of land above mentioned during the lives contained in the lease of Fairfax for the said land from the claim of him the said Samuel Grant, his heirs, etc, and from the claim of all persons whatsoever then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue of the law. (Signed) Samuel Grant. Bond acknowledged by Samuel Grant in court on 25 Apr 1814." John Grant in 1771, signed the "Lease for Three Lives" 's land in King George County upon which Samuel was living (Grant-Samson and Hirschi).

A letter dated August 19, 1937, from the Veterans Administration, Washington describes Samuel Russell Grant's service in the War of 1812 (Grant-Samson). Samuel Grant enlisting at Arnold's Crossroads, Fauquier Co, VA, August 1, 1814 and contined in the service until September 25, 1814, as private in Captain James Payne's Company of Virginia Militia. In 1852, Samuel Grant received a warrant for 40 acres of bounty land under the Act of September 28th, 1850 and, in 1855, received a warrant for 120 acres under the Act of March 3, 1855. His military record shows service from August 1814 to September 1814, a total of 1 month and 26 days for which he received $14.23. In a letter dated September 8, 1938, United States Department of Interior Land Office, it is stated that Samuel Grant sold his land warrant to Jeremiah Clark (1853) and Anthony Suiter (1856).

In Howe's History of Ohio, Volume 2, page 215, Samuel Grant is recorded to have entered 80 acres of Congressional land on July 15, 1825, in Meigs County, Ohio, He returned to Fauquier County Virginia and on June 13, 1826, sold his land to Alexander Hitch, his wife's brother ( Fauquier County Deed Book 29-21 wherein "This debenture made the 13th day of June, 1826, between Samuel Grant of the County of Fauquier and State of Virginia, of the one part, and Alexander Hitch of the County and State aforesaid of the other part. Withnesseth, that the said Samuel Grant for and in consideration of the sum of $1.00 current money of the United States to him in hand paid by the said Alexander Hitch, at and before the sealing and delivery hereof receipt, whereof he doth hereby acknowledge, doth release, acquit and discharge the said Samuel Grant, his heirs, executors and administrators, by these presents the said Samuel Grant hath bargained, sold and confirmed, and by these presents doth bargain, sell and confirm unto the said Alexander Hitch, his heirs and assigns, all the following mentioned property, viz: one hundred acres of land adjoining the land of Captain Keyes, Mary Brown and Dr. D. W. Stribling; one black mare ten years of age and one gray mare four years of age, one bay colt, one cow and calf, one oxen, one walnut bureau, one walnut chest, one leaf table, one pine table, one walnut cupboard, seven chairs, two feather beds, one bed, six sheets, ten coverlets, six pillows, four bed stands, one saddle, one bar shire plow, two shovel ploughs, two pear of gears, three axes, three hoes, one saw, two augers, one drawing knife, 3 chisels, 2 pots, 2 ovens, one skillet, one griddle, one kettle, one flax wheel, one cotton wheel, two sets of knives and forks, a variety of earthenware, also including the Library or collection of books, being the same property the said Samuel Grant is now in possession, also the estate, right and title interest, use, claims and demands whatsoever of heirs, the said Samuel Grant in law and equity of and in the premises aforesaid and every part thereof."

"Samuell Russell Grant and Maria Hitch Grant moved from Virginia to Ohio in 1828 when their youngest child, John Addison Grant, was about three months old (Grant-Samson page 40). It is said that his mother rode horseback on the trip carrying him in her arms" (Grant-Samson page 40). The remnants of the wagons were remembered near the old long home with the only remaining item-a large blue platter-in the ownership of Ivy Grant Stallsworth. They first settled in Muskingum County, Ohio (note signed by Samuel Grant dated September 25, 1829) and moved to Saltlick Township, Perry County, in 1835 where a log home was built.

Samuel Grant and his son, John Addison Grant, are both closely related to the log house in Saltlick Township, Perry County, Ohio. On October 13, 1853, John Addison Grant and Margaret M. Adams (born February 21, 1836) were married by the Reverend Mathew Brown and they moved to the farm of Samuel Russell Grant. Margaret Adams was the daughter of Robert Franklin Adams of Clayton Township, Perry County Ohio, who was born in 1803, Washington County, Pennsylvania. On December 2, 1858, Margaret Grant died leaving two small sons, Robert Franklin (born July 7, 1854 and Samuel Russell Grant, born November 11, 1856). Robert Franklin was sent to his maternal grandmother with whom he lived until his father remarried in 1861. Samuel Russell remained in his father's house and was cared for by his paternal grandmother.

On February 3rd, 1861, Samuel Russell Grant made his will, in which he gave to his wife, marie (Hitch) Grant, as her dower right, during her lifetime, the farm on which they lived. All of his property, both real and personal, he gave to John Addison Grant with the understanding that he was to care for him and his mother and uncle, james Hitch, his mother's brother, during their lifetime, and bury them well at death, and also to pay certain bequests made to other children and grandchildren. Given this, John Addison Grant built a second and frame house prior to the Civil War. This house was photographed as late as 1957 (Grant-Samson page 156). James Hitch, Mariah Hitch's bother, lived with Samuel and Mariah until his death.

Children of Samuel Grant and Mariah Hitch are:

+ 31 i. John Addison6 Grant, born August 15, 1828 in Culpepper County, Virginia; died August 24, 1909 in Perry County, Ohio. 32 ii. Loyd Grant. 33 iii. Franklin Grant. 34 iv. Nathum Alexander Grant. 35 v. Harriet Grant. 36 vi. Samuel Russell 37 vii. Nancy. 38 viii. Maria Louisa 39 ix. Susan Ann. 40 x. William. (From, Fred B. Samson,

Samuel married Mariah Hitch, daughter of Nathan Hitch and Ann (Nancy?) Burgess, on 02 May 1811 in Arnolds Crossroad, Fauquier Co., VA.1 2 (Mariah Hitch was born in 1791 in Fauquier Co., VA 3 and died after 1871 in Perry Co., OH 2.)


1 E-Mail from Cheri Grant Shull dated 1/21/1997.

2 RootsWeb World Connect Project, Minnis - Yates Roots. 26560 total entries, last updated Mon May 22 06:36:16 2000. Lee Minnis <>.

3 1860 OH Census, Listed as age 69 in the 1860 Salt Lick, Perry Co., OH Census, born in VA.

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