Hitch Family Photographs

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hitchbros.gif (57807 bytes) - c.1895 

This is a photograph of four Hitch brothers taken about 1895.  Pictured are Charles Edwin Hitch (1869-1952), John Quinlan Hitch (1856-1934), Walter Nelson Hitch (1868-1950) and Henry Green Hitch (1861-1953).  They were all sons born in Clermont County, Ohio of Nelson A. Hitch (1820-1887) and Charlotte Temperance Quinlan (1828-1899).  

yhehitch.gif (114083 bytes) - c. 1863 

This is a photograph of Young H.E. Hitch in his Civil War uniform about 1862 (His first name may have been Joseph).  Y.H.E. Hitch was born about 1826 in Laurens County, South Carolina, the son of Joseph N. Hitch (c. 1794-1826/29) and Rosanna Dalrymple(?) (?-?).  He came from the line of Hitches that moved to Laurens County from Somerset County, Maryland in the late 1790s.  Young Hitch served as a Private, Company I, 16th South Carolina Infantry and a Private, Company C, 9th South Carolina Reserves. The records state that he enlisted with the 16th on February 13, 1863 in Charleston, South Carolina with Captain McCollough "for the war." He was killed on pickett duty, Kenessaw Mountain, Georgia on June 19, 1864. Y.H.E. Hitch left a wife, Mary Ann (Edwards) Hitch (1827-1880) and two children, John Joseph H. Hitch (1847-1915) and Lucian Augustus H. Hitch (1853-1911).  This photograph was sent to me by a descendant, Michael Givens.

tshitch.gif (71766 bytes) - early 1890s 

This a group shot of picnic'ers in the early 1890s.  Unfortunately, the names of all are unknown except that of the person second from the left - he is Thomas Simpkins Hitch (1869-1947).  Thomas was the son of Edwin Lewis Hitch (1845-1877) and Mary E. Simpkins (1845-1930) of Griggsville, Pike County, Illinois.  Thomas married Dorothy Donovan (1885-1959) about 1921 and had children Mary Donovan Hitch and Thomas Donovan Hitch (1923-1973).






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