OH LORDY! The book about Young H.E. Hitch of the 16th South Carolina Volunteers is in production for publishing! CLICK HERE to see the front and back covers and teaser excerpts of this wonderful book. Release date for the book is September 2015. Keep checking here for updates!

Ms. Elinor Mowbray, a retired paralegal living in upstate SC was rummaging through her attic one day and came across a large cache of old books, paraphernalia and letters of her direct line ancestors in the Hitch family. The majority of the find was correspondence between Young Henry Elkanah Hitch and his wife Mary Ann (Edwards) Hitch and young children John Joseph and Augustus Lucian Hitch during the Civil War when Young was a Private, first in the 9th South Carolina Reserves and then, in Company I of the 16th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry.

In finding this cache of priceless memorabilia, Ms. Mowbray began investigating more into her family and determined Young H.E. Hitch was her great great grandfather with his son, Lucian, as her great grandfather. In her quest, she was referred my book on Adam Hitch who is Young H.E. Hitch’s 3x great grandfather! From there, Ms. Mowbray contacted me about the fabulous find she had discovered and I was very grateful she did! New cousins introduced, we began to communicate about the contents of the discovered documents and interest levels piqued at a very high level in both of them. These types of finds are becoming ever more scarce and, for this documentation to have survived through so many years is simply incredible. Ms. Mowbray drove from South Carolina to my house in Maryland in the autumn of 2014 and we spent all day digitally scanning the letters one-by-one. A common conclusion was then realized – the contents of this cache of information has to be told to a larger audience and it would best be told in the form of a book! We immediately agreed to collaborate and so here we are! What has resulted is a book that not only covers the exploits of Private Young H.E. Hitch through his life as a private citizen and soldier, but also a treatise of his compatriots in Company I of the 16th South Carolina Volunteer Infantry. This includes service records for most of the men in the unit and even some genealogical research regarding their friends and families near to them. We find it a fascinating, historically accurate tale that we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing it. The final home for the original material in the collection is the Edward H. Nabb Center at Salisbury University in Salisbury, Maryland.

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