I just recently re-acquired my love to do art it having laid many years in dormancy. It began with me taking a watercolor class in November 2005 and I was hooked. Right now I am focusing my efforts in watercolor on paper. Here are some examples (note that digital images as shown here rarely capture the essence of the real painting):

Along the Watchtowers (NEW)

Old and New (NEW)

In Early (NEW)

Off Season (NEW)

Skipjack Sunset  (NEW)

Autumn at the Light  (NEW)

Hiding Place  (NEW)

Wicomico County Courthouse

Artist's Window in St. Thomas



Store on 24

Peaceful Picnic (won HM in Delmarva Regional Art Show!)

In the Marina

Solomons Lump Light

In for the Night

Sunrise on the marsh

Oyster House Sunset


Old Tug


Hood Ornament

Oyster House in Winter

Old World Window 


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