On these pages, I present the various lineages of the Hitch family that I have come across to date. All lines are without doubt of British ancestry except for the Peter Hitch (1808-1865) and Conrad Hitch (1849-1936) whose lines come from Germany. So far, there are 15 separate family lines I have been able to identify. Two of these, the Adam Hitch and Christopher Hitch lines probably represent about 80-90% of all the Hitch descendants in the US today. Some of these may even connect to one another via some yet undiscovered linkage. For instance, there is a long-held belief that the Adam Hitch and Christopher Hitch lines might connect further back in time with soem more distant ancestor. With many of Virginia's records being burned in the Civil War, the prospect of ever positively proving this grows dimmer with the years. I'll Keep trying! 

 Adam Hitch (1659-1731)    
of Somerset Co., Maryland (modern Wicomico Co.) ~60-65% of descendants in the US
 Christopher Hitch (1710-1778)
of MD and Fauquier Co., VA to Blount Co., TN ~20-25% of descendants in the US
 Edward D. Hitch (c1819-bef 1890)
  of England to Jefferson Co., Wisconsin  
 George Chatham Hitch (1860-1928)   of England to Iowa  
 Peter Hitch (c1808-1865)
(originally Hutsch?) of Germany to Cambria Co., PA  
 Peter Thomas Hitch (c1804-bef 1849)   of England to Vanderburgh Co., Indiana  
 Peter George Hitch (1847-1924)   of England to Lee Co., Iowa (includes some ancestors)  
 Richard Hitch (1820-1911)   of England to Illinois (related to Robert Hitch below)  
 Robert Hitch (1805-1877)   of England to Livingston Co., Illinois  
 Robert William Hitch (1867-1942)   of England to Washington (the state)  
 Robert T. Hitch (1854-??)   of England to Texas  
 Solomon Hitch (1793-aft 1850)   of Pennsylvania to Greene Co., Illinois  
 Thomas J. Hitch (1821-1906)   of England to Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio  
 William Hitch (1822-bef 1880)   of England to Cuyahoga Co., Ohio  
 Conrad Hitch (1849-1946) NEW!   of Prussia, Germany to Delta Co., Michigan