Adam Hitch (1658-1731) of Old Somerset in ye Province of Maryland - His Descendants can now be purchased! It's a culmination of many years of my research into my Hitch roots and features more than 730 pages of information with over 150 photos and illustrations. It is truly an exhaustive study into the Adam Hitch family lineage - from which 60-65% of all Hitches in the U.S. today descend - from the late 1600s to modern day. It's not one of these "gimmicky" genealogy/coat-of-arms deals that you may have run across on-line or via the mail - it is scholarly and documented by citing nearly 2500 sources. It puts to bed many family "legends" that have arisen over the years, replacing them with FACTUAL material relative to the Hitch family. The book is paperback, formatted 8.3" x 11.5", and professionally created using an on-line publisher. Check the following links for more:

The book can be purchased for the price of $49.95 plus $5.00 S&H. I guarantee you will be fully satisfied with this book or your money will be fully refunded. Details on how to order the book can be found by clicking the following link: