PAGE 2: 1797-1839
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Letter from Gillis Hitch (1757/58-1847) Revolutionary War Pension file dated July 17, 1839 - It is from Pentleton (sic) County Kentucky written by Gillis to try to get his money that was set aside for the "old sholders". He even signed the letter "Old Sholder Gillis Hitch."
Pages 1 and 2 of the Will of Isaac Hitch, Sussex County, Delaware dated November 5, 1797 - This is a copy of the original will from Liber E, Folio 176-177 of the Sussex County, Delaware probate files. Isaac Hitch was born on December 20, 1754 in Somerset County, Maryland and died some time between the date this will was written and when it was probated on May 13, 1798. Isaac Hitch was listed on December 4, 1776 in a Revolutionary War account of Jesse Hollinsworth for services rendered on the Schooner Friendship. Isaac was the son of Robert Hitch (c.1732-1767/68) and Eve Hinecan? (c.1733-1790) who were married February 14, 1751 (Valentine's Day 247 years ago!). Eve later remarried to a Mr. Nicholson. Robert Hitch was a son of Samuel (1703/09-1750) who was in turn son of Adam Hitch (1658/59-1731). Isaac Hitch married Sarah ?? Most historical records about the Hitch family show Isaac Hitch's wife as Sarah Ellegood. My research does indeed confirm the given name as Sarah, but not the surname Ellegood. In fact, my research shows Sarah Ellegood was wife of Robert Hitch, son of Elgate Hitch. She was the daughter of William Ellegood. Jean Bircher, a descendant of Rachel Hitch, daughter of Isaac, and Benjamin Hastings indicates Isaac's wife as Sarah Nicholas who "died in Delaware in 1835, age 80 years." It should be noted that the surname Nicholson, Nichols and Nicolas were synonymous in those days. Isaac Hitch's mother evidently remarried to a Nichols/Nicholson after his father died. The Nicholson/Nichols/Nicholas family interact much with the HITCHes in the late 18th century. More research is needed here to ascertain Isaac Hitch's wife's surname. Note in the will, Isaac refers by name to only three of his eight children (Phillis, Robert and Sovereign).
William and Nancy (Ross) Hitch Bible published 1833 - In my early genealogical endeavor, I had "guessed" William Hitch's (1788-1871) wife, Nancy to be nee Ross but had no proof. However, on August 23, 2000, I visited the Chillicothe, Ross County, OH area and hooked up with Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hitch. They had the original bible of William and Nancy Hitch published in 1833. In it is the following inscription, "William Hitch and Nancy Ross was married May 9th day in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eleven 1811." This was proof I thought I might never get!